Friday, March 16th: David Duong
Saturday, March 17th: Doran & Morrison and Bright Kelly

Friday, March 23rd: Tony Alosi
Saturday, March 24th: Shawn Byrne

Friday, March 30th: Adam Ratcliffe
Saturday, March 31st: Bob Tomlinson

Friday, April 6th: Duvets
Saturday, April 7th: Bill Shannon

Friday, April 13th: Rob Groden
Saturday, April 14th: Mike Brill

Friday, April 20th: Steve Tesluk
Saturday, April 21st: John Austin

Friday, April 27th: The Zone
Saturday, April 28th: Bob Tomlinson

Friday, May 4th: Duvets
Saturday, May 5th: Bill Shannon

Friday, May 11th: Mike Estabrook Duo
Saturday, May 12th: Two For Flinching

Friday, May 18th: Unplugged Duo
Saturday, May 19th: John Austin

Friday, May 25th: Tony Alosi
Saturday, May 26th: Bob Tomlinson