2017 Dogfish Head Beer Dinner at Tony's Place

Dogfish Head Beer Dinner

Join us on Wednesday, March 1st as we bring back our famous Dogfish Head 5 Course Beer Dinner. Our Dogfish Head beer dinner is one of our most popular events and we enjoy pairing some of our best dishes with deep notes from Dogfish Head.
First Course:
Grilled Wagyu Carpaccio Sliced Thin & Served Chilled with Coriander Aioli, Orange-Grape Salad with Spicy Chile Vinaigrette
Pairing – Red & White
Second Course:
Pan Perdu on Challah Bread, Bacon, Queso Fresco Maple Syrup, Celery Leaf ‘Salad’
Pairing – Immort Ale
Third Course:
Duck Prosciutto with Pickled Mushrooms, Raspberry Gastrique, and Devil on Horseback, Focaccia
Pairing – Forte
Main Course:
Center Cut PRIME Filet Mignon with Mashed Potato Cake, Roasted asparagus, Braised Sweet Onion, Orange Peel Butter, and Bourbon-Vanilla Pan Sauce
Pairing – Burton Baton
World Wide Cheese Cake with Bacon Caramel Sauce and Black Pepper Whipped Cream
Pairing – World Wide Stout
The Dogfish Head Beer Dinner will sell out, so please give us a call at (215) 675-7275 to make your reservations today.